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Is God a Republican?

Or a Democrat?  If you think the question is absurd, hard-to-answer, obvious or irrelevant, think again.  Read more.

Freedom, Freedom

What the New Testament Says About Freedom You might be surprised. Check it out

Islam and Conversion

A good article from the Economist on Muslim attitudes toward conversion This article shows how Islam regards conversion and how troubling it is for the religion. You might want to read some of the readers’ responses, too, to see how people understood the issues raised.

When Nice Won’t Suffice

When Nice Won’t Suffice When “Have a Nice Day!” doesn’t cut it … deeper resources may be required. Check out our latest sermons.

God in the News

God in the News — The Latest Headlines Updated Daily Books About God — The Latest Books Updated Daily What is Atheism?

Who is Jesus Christ?

Son of God? Messiah? Prophet? Teacher? What? Calling Jesus the “Son of God” is understood to be the distinguishing affirmation of Christianity. Yet within the wider family of faith there is a range of opinion about what this title actually means. There is sharp disagreement over the indentity of Jesus. In search of the answers, […]

The Lengths and the Limits of Love

Is Christ’s love ethic relevant in a time of war? Given that love is as much a part of the problem as a solution, I question the famous line from the love song: “All the world needs now is love, sweet love.”  Read more …..