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So you are thinking of having your child baptized?  Is it right for your child.  Read more …. A sample Baptism ceremony  

Do Dogs Go To Heaven?

The debate rages, but in my mind there is no debate at all. God loves all creatures, so why would dogs not go to heaven? Do Dogs Go To Heaven? For more information about God and the animals.

Bedtime Prayers and More …

  Our most popular page: Prayers for Children And while you are thinking about prayer, you also might be interested in … Books About Prayer and/or Meditation Current and best selling books about prayer, meditation or spirituality that you might want to add to your library Books About Prayer for Children and Youth

The Lengths and the Limits of Love

“All the world needs now is love, sweet, love.” the songwriter opined.  Of course, the great religious traditions don’t claim that love is the solution to all human problems. On the contrary there is a strain of realism in the spiritualities of the world, reflecting the fact that the search for love is among the […]