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Bethlehem Surrounded

Bethlehem Surrounded The first thing any visitor notices when visiting Bethlehem today is the wall completely separating it from Israel … providing security for Israelis to be sure, but for its Muslim and Christian inhabitants, turning a home into what is in many respects, a prison.

Gay Marriage

The Blessings of Gay Marriage You’ve heard all the arguments pro and con, now hear this. After reading the article, you may want to vote in our poll and participate in the discussion: Gay Marriage is … Follow up article: Gay Marriage: The Debate Continues

Is God a Republican?

Is God a Republican …. or a Democrat? In the US, the name of God is routinely invoked, even in the most partisan contexts, including political rallies at the local level and the national conventions of both parties. The intent seems to be that God will look with favor upon the cause of a particular […]