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Christian Humor

Some might think this is an oxymoron, but Christianity is both the source and the subject of some very funny humor.  Check out our collection of Christian centric humor here.

The Brightest and Best Commentary on Religion

One of the most helpful sources of news about religion: RealClearReligion is a catch-all source for religion stories, opinion and controversy. Everyday the RealClearReligion team scours the Web to find the best religion news and analysis to help readers better understand what’s happening in the world of faith. The RealClearReligion editorial team covers religion in itself […]

Cruz Drives Millions to Atheism!

This is a satirical piece for sure …. but it is not far from the truth.      

Is There Any Power in a Prayer?

One of most often repeated phrases one hears in churches around the world involves an affirmation of “the power of prayer.”  Despite this affirmation, one of the most universal experiences of people who pray is a sense that their prayers have not, in fact, been answered.  This often leads to a feeling of guilt that […]

Pope suggests Donald Trump is “Not a Christian.”

In one of the more refreshing and controversial comments he has made to date, Pope Francis, stepped in to the middle of US Presidential politics, suggesting that Donald Trump is “not a Christian,” for focusing on building walls, rather than bridges between peoples.  Check it out here. While the phrase “not a Christian” may seem harsh […]

Re-Imagining Lent

Lent is the period of 40 days leading to Easter. It is one of the “pentitential” seasons. Modern day Christians are not exactly electrified by a season so long or so serious. But for this very reason, a rediscovery of what this season means may be exactly what the doctor ordered. The Science of Repentance […]

The New Tan Man

We are already missing, John Boehner, who resigned from Congress last fall,  after a distinguished career. Whatever readers my think about his record in Congress, everyone marveled at his perpetual tan. So much so that people often referred to him as the Tan Man.  How did a guy from Ohio, who spent most of his career in Washington, DC, maintain a […]

Better Lovers?

Do Christians Make Better Lovers? As Valentine’s Day approaches, we’d all like a little more love in our lives. Young or old, single or married, gay or straight. But is it possible the one’s spiritual life may in fact open a door that leads to a more satisfying love life. I think it can! Here’s […]

Easter Blend

Last Christmas, some Christians were outraged when Starbucks removed reindeer and ornaments from its holiday coffee cups.  They accused the coffee giant of launching a new front on the “war on Christmas.”  We noticed, however, that unlike other businesses, the company did call its seasonal coffee, “Christmas Blend,” not shying away from the religious terminology. The […]

Christian Symbols

Christianity is, and always has been, a faith that finds expression in highly visual ways … through painting and sculpture, image, icon, symbol, design, and other non-verbal means. We take a look at the principal varieties of Christian symbolism, both traditional and contemporary. Sources of Symbolism in Christianity