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The Sistine Chapel

Michelangelo Paintings from the Sistine Chapel Come with us to Rome. Our image map brings you the painstakingly restored paintings of the Creation and Fall in one of the most beautiful settings anywhere. Under these images Popes are elected.

Women’s Ordination?

Many of us have been following Pope Francis, his progressive pronouncements, his call to interreligious dialogue, his commitment to the environment, his well received visit to the US with interest and enthusiasm. The great omission in the Pope’s agenda, thus far, has been any serious discussion of women’s ordination. Despite the fact that one of the […]

Pominent Catholic Theologians Call Pope’s Response to Abuse Scandal Inadequte

Paul Knitter, now teaching at Union Seminary in New York, suggests that the only way out of the current mess is confession, followed by bringing an end to the celibacy rule.  For Knitter’s full commentary.   Hans Küng, writing in the National Catholic Reporter, makes a similar point, while adding, more pointedly, that the Pope has […]

A Letter to the Pope

Benedict XVI, Rouse Yourself! Tissa Balasuriya, a progressive Roman Catholic theologian from Sri Lanka, has often been at odds with the leadership of his own church over issues such as the role of women, the relationship between Christianity and other world religions, particularly Buddhism, and the lack of courage on the part of many Christians […]