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Top Religion News Stories of 2008

Top Religion News Stories of the Year Perhaps not surprisingly, the presidential campaign was the source of the top three news stories about religion in 2008 according to a survey of journalists covering the topic. Click here for a list of the top ten religion news stories of the year. However, already public attention has […]

Next World Design

Next World Design Our new blog explores the boundary between the virtual and the real, focusing on the ways in which art, science and spirituality are “mediated” in todays communications technologies.

The So Called War on Christmas

The So Called War on Christmas According to a new book being promoted widely in conservative circles, there is a vast, left-wing conspiracy to eliminate Christmas. That’s right. Apparently, liberals, having tired of fighting for world peace or the elimination of poverty, have taken on an even bigger battle against the world’s most popular holiday. […]

Holiday Spending

Despite Economic Crisis, Holiday Spending May Actually be Up! The National Retail Federation reports that American consumers plan to spend “only” $832.36 on holiday shopping this year. But that is still a 1.9 percent increase over last year! In other words, while the world plunges into economic crisis, while people lose their homes and their […]