The So Called War on Christmas

The So Called War on Christmas
According to a new book being promoted widely in conservative circles, there is a vast, left-wing conspiracy to eliminate Christmas. That’s right. Apparently, liberals, having tired of fighting for world peace or the elimination of poverty, have taken on an even bigger battle against the world’s most popular holiday. It’s called “The War on Christmas.”

Here’s my report from the central front of the war on Christmas, the capital of Secular America: New York City!

About the author

Charles is a Presbyterian minister, writer, editor, activist, publisher and public theologian.


  1. I have taken to wishing people I know to be Christian “Merry Christmas” and those I know to be Jewish “Happy Chanukah.” All the rest get Happy Holiday. Everyone likes having their religion acknowledged. Why not? As to a war on Christmas, I prefer waging war against those who would sully Christianity by tying it to the right end of the Republican Party or make it about gays and abortion while people starve. That’s the war worth fighting.


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