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Remembering Dietrich Bonheoffer

State of Emergency: Some Thoughts For Holy Week April 9 is the anniversary of the death of Dietrich Bonhoeffer. A German pastor and theologian, Bonhoeffer was hanged in 1945, by the Nazis for his participation in the plot to assassinate Adolf Hitler. It was only a month before the end of World War II. And […]

Life is a Terrible Thing to Waste

Where is the “right to life” movement when we need it? Recent research shows that the average American is spending more than eight hours every day in front of an LCD screen, and more than five hours sitting passively in front of a television set. When one spends nearly one third of one’s available time […]

Classics of Progressive Christianity

Must reads for progressive Christians Harry Emerson Fosdick: The Idea of God Paul Tillich: Escape From God

God and the Tsunami

Given the devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan, where is God? Some, including for example, Pat Robertson, have already suggested that this is yet another example of God acting to punish people who deserve to suffer. This is clearly not only an outrageous attack upon victims who have already suffered greatly. It is also an […]

Truer Words about the Tsunami

“People have acquired a desire for technology that surpasses human comprehension. Yet the bill that has come due for that desire is all too dear.”  So writes Japanese novelist, Kazumi Saeki, in the aftermath of the ongoing and unfolding tragedy in Japan.

International piracy ought to …

International piracy ought to be dealt with by an international naval force like the coast guard.