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The Morning After

Despite a holiday weekend reprieve, on April 18th our taxes are due, resurrection or not. Or, how to deal with post holiday depression.  Read more … Also, looking Ahead To … Mother’s Day: The Motherhood of God Father’s Day: The Fatherhood of God Mining old themes for new meaning.

Support Marriage Equality!

The Defense of Marriage Act, in our opinion, does nothing to “defend marriage.”  Rather it denies GLBT people the same rights to marriage that other people have.  This is discimination plain and simple.  To join in the fight to repeal DOMA. Add your name urging Congress to end DOMA! http://bit.ly/gHXJkB #Equality

In Pursuit of Biblical Trivia

For those with a love of the triviial, the small, the tiny and the diminuative as opposed to the superlative and the overblown, you might enjoy our latest, an exercize to test your knowledge of biblical trivia.In Pursuit of Biblical Trivia.

Movie Review: Ray

Ray Charles: America’s Mythic Hero The Taylor Hackford movie, Ray, casts the singer and song writer as an icon of American civil religion. I commend this compelling film, but the truth about Ray Charles is more complicated.

Tax Collectors and Sinners

The Tax Collectors Are Coming The IRS has now unleashed a group of debt collection agencies to go after citizens it believes owe back taxes. Why is a faith based administration willing to utilize a mercenary army of private debt collectors, especially in light of what the Bible has to say about “tax collectors and […]

An Illuminated Easter

An Illuminated Easter The Easter story as told by stained glass artists in some of the most beautiful churches of Europe and North America