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The Hudson River School

Nature’s God The Hudson River School was the first coherent movement or “school” of American art. This group of painters, several of whom lived and worked in the Hudson River region, went about their work with an awareness that they were capturing not just the colors and shapes of the natural world, but the living […]

Are Mormons Christian?

With two Mormons (members of the Church of Jesus Christ of the Later Day Saints) running for President, some evangelical leaders are again raising the question, “Are Mormons Christian?”  Both Romney and Huntsman insist that they are, but others are not so sure.  Read more … For more on the families of Christianity and how […]

The New King James Bible

The Bible — King James Version Updated for Today Full text of the King James Version of the Bible as updated for today by computer. You can search on this site for any word or phrase and will be able to find the passage you are looking for as well as definitions of unfamiliar words […]

Wedding Planner

It’s Spring; You’re in Love … and thinking about getting married: Try our Wedding Planner Just looking for something beautiful to read to the one you love: Here are some suggestions: great poetry and such The Complete Bible Guide To Love and Sex Bible Verses About Love

Love and Sex

The Complete Biblical Guide To Love and Sex In the midst of our current culture wars about homosexuality and other hot button topics, with adversaries hurling Bible passages at each other like spears in battle, some very basic values are lost. I try to recapture the basic biblical principles in a few short paragraphs … […]

Diets: Ideal and Real

The Department of Agriculture just released a new graphic, representing the ideal diet, meeting its recommendations for healthy eating.  Here’s the government illustration: But, folks, let’s get real.  There is a wide gap between what the government recommends and what Americans actually consume.  Here’s my own take on what the public actually eats: So …. […]

Animals of the Bible

All Creatures Great and Small Christianity is not about the salvation of anything as nebulous as “the human soul,” it’s about the repair and reconciliation of the whole creation. All creatures great and small have a part in God’s plan and a place in God’s kingdom.