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What is Sikhism

A major world religion emphasizing the grace, love and justice of God … as well as tolerance of the religious other. Sikhism compared and contrasted with Christianity.  What is Sikhism?

Interfaith Dialogue

It is no longer an option for Christians and others to engage in constructive conversation and cooperation with the religious other; it is a matter of survival.  Interfaith Dialogue and Cooperation

What is Jainism

An ancient tradition, teaching non-violence and a respect for all beings; modern Christians, Muslims and Jews could pick up a few clues from this one.  What is Jainism?

What is Heaven?

There are at least four major strands of thought in the Bible and in Christian tradition contributing to contemporary notions of heaven. We look at each.  What is Heaven? And other frequently asked questions about Christianity.

What is Hell

There’s a lot of talk about hell on the lips those who believe in it, as well as those who do not. That’s surprising, as the topic is mentioned only a very few times in the Bible, and then in ways that suggest the biblical concept is not the one people have in mind when […]

The Face of Jesus: Picture Gallery

The Face of Jesus Artists across the centuries have attempted to picture the face of Jesus in paintings, photos, drawings, movies, images, icons, sculpture, and now even computer wallpaper. Before asking what this all means, let’s consider a few of the outstanding examples …

A Wall That Should Not Fall

A Wall That Should Not Fall Monica Goodling, a graduate of Pat Robertson’s Regent Law School thought that the wall of separation between church and state was a “fiction” and proceeded to hire fellow believers for positions in the White House and at the Justice Department … not so much because of their politics, as […]